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New Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

Sales price: Rs 3,000

Digital Blood Pressure Monitor in Pakistan

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White Light Teeth Whitening System

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Whitens teeth in just 10 minutes

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Sales price: Rs 1,200

The advanced technology of light combined with the special gel quickly eliminate dark spots on the teeth caused by the passing years, cigar, coffee, tea, wine, drinks or food coloring stain your teeth.

Whiten your teeth in just 10 minutes per session using light technology with ion White Light, which is a revolutionary system that uses light technology is clinically proven to help whiten teeth in just 10 minutes per session.

The system of White Ligh t can be used anytime in the comfort of your home, and is ideal to your brushing and care of your teeth snap. The advanced light combined with the specially formulated gel, helps remove and remove surface stains and penetrates deeply to remove embedded stains. Works against stains from coffee, tea, red wine, cigarettes, drinks dye, foods that stain your teeth, and over the years. White Light gives you quick and lasting results.

Have time to go to the dentist? And the patience to wait? Are you willing to go through lengthy processes homemade tooth cleaning? 'No' is the answer to all these questions, then dental cleaning system White Light can be the perfect solution to restore the natural whiteness of your teeth.

The system White Light is a process of dental cleaning you can use at home. The best part is that White Light offers all the advantages of a laser cleaning process, while it is faster and easier to use.


Whitens in just 10 minutes!

Easy to maintain

Simple to use

Perfect for use before weddings & other big days!

Sodium hydroxide. Nature flavor.

Teeth Whitening Gel Content:20g

Note: there are two different color gels, but both are the same.

Package includes:

100% Brand New!

1 x Light Transmitter

1 x advanced dental tray

2 x Teeth Whitening Gel

2 x Lithium CR2025 Batteries


White Light Teeth Whitening SystemWhite Light Teeth Whitening System
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